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3 Different Types of Plants / 90-Day Cultivating Experience

Stage 1 - Kick Start with Wheatgrass in 7 days (Potti Elementary)

Start with 1 fish to establish the cycle (Harvest twice)

Stage 2 - Your Herb Garden in 30 days (Potti Intermediate)

More fishes can be introduced, and can decorated your tank (Pro-long harvest)

Stage 3 - Green Salad in 45 days (Potti Advanced)

Other species can be introduced, like shrimp, water grass, etc (Harvest 2 - 3 times)

Stage 4 - Choose Your Own Plant (Potti Expert)

Seasonal plants, fruits, flowers, etc Also, possible water tank landscape

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Important Notes

Changing Water is Not Necessary

Your Potti is an eco-system where fish eat and produce ammonia, beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into nutrients, plants absorb the natural fertilizer and water is continuously recirculated throughout the system.

Do Not Use Water Grass Soil

Most water grass soil contains synthetic compound, may affect your aquaponic eco-system and water quality during the early stage.  Should only introduce after water quality is stabled if desired.

Water Stabilizer is Not Necessary

As stated at your Potti User’s Guide, never use tap water direct to the tank, follow the feeding instructions. Water quality will be stabilised within 2-3 weeks.

Start with One Fish

The beneficial bacteria need 2-3 weeks to cultivate, please follow the “one fish/feed twice” instruction to let the eco-system develop.

Growing Medium Should be Replaced Every 4-Month

The growing medium also works as a water filter, should be replaced every 4-month in order to maintain water quality and healthy roots.

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Why we can only start with one fish?

It is because your Eco-System is not establish yet. In a healthy Eco-System, fish eat and produce ammonia, beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into nutrients, plants absorb the natural fertilizer, water is continuously recirculated through the system. POTTI, is specially designed where beneficial bacteria is cultivated at the ceramic bio-rings gradually. If you start with more than one fish, resulting too much ammonia in the water. Then, both fish and plant will suffered.

Why can't I use tap water directly?

Unfortunately, chlorine-based disinfectants in our tap water are harmful to fish, damaging their delicate gill and skin surfaces. Fish that are exposed to high levels of these disinfectants will show signs of irritation, such as swimming erratically or attempting to leave the water. Always remove chlorine-based disinfectants through aeration by leaving the water in an opened container for at least 24 hours before using it in your Potti.

Why should I start with growing wheatgrass?

We always suggest to start with wheatgrass as it proves to be the quickest way to cultivate beneficial bacteria in your Potti, first harvest can be seem within 7-10 days. As the wheatgrass seed sprouts, there will be a layer of white fluffs at the roots covering the growing medium. This is normal and is not moldy. Just remember to keep your Potti in a place where air circulation is good.

You can harvest your wheatgrass when it reaches approximately 10 cm tall, always leave at least 2 cm from the root part. Wheatgrass can be consumed by cats, which got a very good healing effect. Or simply add them into your morning smoothies.

How to choose the right fish food?

Try to get a natural fish food with no coloring agents, brightening agents, pigments and other ingredients. As they are phosphorus-containing chemicals, which it will lead to large amount of algae to form, which is not suitable for natural breeding methods of fish and vegetables.

How much do I need to feed the fish?

You are advised to feed your fish twice a week. For example, Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday, the serving size is to be eaten in about 90 seconds. If the fish food is not finished, it should be cleaned up immediately and you can adjust the amount accordingly next feeding time.

Over-feeding might lead to too much ammonia in the water, this is particularly dangerous especially in the beginning when your Potti is at its initial stage.

About the water pump and care

The energy-saving silent pump inside your Potti conforms to the International Waterproof Standard IPX8. Before connecting your pump to the power, made sure the black sponge is placed in the centre of the white growing tray. Then, fill it with water in order to seal the gap between the pump and the water pipe. You can now connect your pump to the power. The pump is running when “Siphon” is activated periodically, water will flow back to the tank from the growing tray. It is important to refill water to the black sponge tray whenever there is a disconnection of power. Running the pump without refilling of water will cause parts to be worn out and damage the pump.

What is Siphon water circulation?

To ensure the plants grow healthily, the roots need to breath as well. A special “Siphon” device is specially designed and installed in your Potti, its function is to regulate the flow of water easily, automatically and efficiently, with no need for human intervention. The siphon first allows the grow bed to flood, then it automatically drains out the water when it reaches a certain level.

If you are experiencing continuous flow or can't flow down the water column, please contact the Potti Technical Support team.

What is the function of bio-ring?

The dense pores on the ceramic bio-rings are used to colonize the beneficial bacteria. When the fish excretes the feces and releases the ammonia, the ammonia in the water will attract the microorganisms in the air and live in the fineness of the bio-rings. When the quantity is sufficient, they start to help treat sewage, convert sewage into nutrients for the plants. Therefore, you do not have to clean the bio-ring. In addition, this explains why Potti does not need to change the water, because each time the water changes, it will also destroy the stability of the ecosystem.

What is aquaponic?

The mechanism of the cycle is simple: firstly, the fish produces faeces; secondly, such wastes are converted by the microorganisms in the water into nitrate, a nutrient for the plants above to thrive; thirdly, the water is purified by the roots of the plants, which ensures a healthy environment for the fish to live in.

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